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The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success

The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success

Title: The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success


Author: Ed Mylett


Hardcover: 272 pages


Publisher: Wiley


Publishing date: June 1, 2022


Who is this book for?


  • Anyone looking for a way to live a happier life, enjoy better relationships and grow their wealth.


What’s inside this book?


  • A culmination of revolutionary ideas Ed has built over the course of 30+ years as a successful entrepreneur, performance coach, bestselling author, podcaster and inspirational speaker. 

  • An actionable roadmap for achieving your personal and professional goals using tools you already have.

  • A meaningful discussion intersecting faith, energy and quantum science


4 lessons you’ll learn from this book:


  1. The dynamics of team chemistry and how to utilize them to become a One More Multiplier.

  2. All about your Reticular Activating System and how to live in your Matrix.

  3. Why you should become an Impossibility Thinker and a Possibility Achiever.

  4. The power of developing one more positive habit, fighting one more battle, creating one more identity and building one more relationship.


4 questions this book will answer for you:


  1. Can I really achieve my goals and dreams without any significant changes to my life circumstances?

  2. How can I remove the mental roadblocks that have been holding me back from success? 

  3. How do I tap into the superpowers that exist inside me?

  4. What steps do I need to take to take my life from ordinary to extraordinary?


What people are saying about this book:


“The strategies in The Power of One More are universal. You can incorporate them into your life whether you’re a CEO, a world-class athlete, active in your community, or if you want to build better relationships with your family and friends.”


“The Power of One More is a must-read for anyone seeking a happier and more successful life.


This groundbreaking book is the first of its kind, revealing how you can combine thoughts and actions to unlock dynamic and impactful changes.


“The premise of The Power of One More is simple: you are closer to living your best life than you may think.”

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