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Ten Signs it’s Time to Leave a Job

Ten Signs it’s Time to Leave a Job

Making it work at work isn’t always easy, but sometimes the environment, working conditions, lack of growth and other factors can mean it’s time to call it quits. Here are 10 signs it’s time to leave a job:


  1.  You aren’t challenged.


If you feel like your skills and strengths aren’t being used on the job, you are likely limiting your growth potential. This is especially true if you’ve been at the position for a while and have been denied opportunities to really use your skills. 


  1. You aren’t passionate about your work.


If you took a job that seemed to speak to your passions, but you are growing increasingly disinterested in your work, you may want to look for another job.


  1. The work environment is unpleasant.


You may love the actual work you do at your job, but if the environment is unpleasant, or worse, toxic, it can be time to hand in your resignation. This includes colleagues who don’t get along, an overly critical or controlling boss or supervisor, an atmosphere of dishonesty and distrust, and the like.


  1. You’ve maxed out your growth at this company.


If you know you’ve hit your ceiling and there’s no or limited room for growth at this firm, consider moving on to new ventures.


  1. Your values are being compromised.


Compromising your values on a regular basis can leave you feeling miserable. If you’re being forced into this position in the workplace, it may be time to leave your job. 


  1. The company’s future is unstable.


If the ship is sinking, get off while you can. You can review the company’s annual financial reports for insight into its stability and future.


  1. You aren’t earning your true worth.


If you know you aren’t being adequately compensated at your current job, consider seeking a new one elsewhere. You can look up average salaries for similar positions on sites, like Glassdoor, to determine if you are earning your true worth.


  1. You dread returning to work after a break.


It’s normal to look forward to the weekends and to count down until your next vacation, but if you feel physically ill at the thought of returning to work after the weekend or break, or work stress keeps you up at night, it can be a sign that it’s time to leave your job.


  1. Your job can no longer provide you with the work-life balance you need.


Whether it’s due to changing circumstances in your personal life or to an increase in hours at your position, your job requirements may no longer be in sync with your home life. If this is the case, it may be worthwhile to seek new employment.


  1. There are better opportunities available elsewhere.


If you know that another company has job openings that may be better than what you have currently, it can be a good time to switch jobs. When considering new options, don’t forget to look at the entire package, including room for growth, benefits the job offers, paid time off and the general schedule and more, in addition to the actual salary.

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