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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

Plan your dinner:


  • If possible, move dinner outdoors
  • Open doors and windows to improve ventilation
  • Limit the number of guests


Keep your dinner safe:


  • Sanitize. Set up a sanitizing station for guests to use upon arrival
  • Space. Create distance between the seats around the table
  • Cover your cough. Share good conversation, not germs, at Thanksgiving dinner


Before you travel:


  • Get tested
  • Self-isoate for 14 days
  • Get the flu shot


When it's best to stay home:


  • If you have recently been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • If you are awaiting test results
  • If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • If you are considered high-risk for severe illness from Covid-19


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