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Early Pay

Early Pay

Automatic Enrollment

You're in! As a Firemen’s Federal member, you are automatically enrolled in Early Pay1. You will receive your direct deposit paycheck up to two days early!  


More than paychecks

All ACH payments are included in Early Pay. This includes paychecks, Social Security, pensions, government deposits, and more!


No cost. No worries.

We offer this service free to all Firemen’s Federal members. We’re here to make managing your finances easier!


Automatic Loan Payments

We remind all members with automatic loan payments to have the required funds in their account on the loan’s due date to avoid delinquency. Automatic Loan Payments might be scheduled for a different day than when your paycheck arrives in your account. As a member with a loan, you are responsible for having the funds on your due date as specified in the loan documents.




How does Early Pay work?

Early Pay gives you access to your funds up to two days early for ACH payments


Is there a fee for Early Pay?


How early will my direct deposit be available to me?
Will funds from my direct deposit always arrive early?


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