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5 Ways to Heat Up Your Savings This Summer

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Savings This Summer

1. Have your HVAC system professionally inspected


A professional HVAC check for leaks and other issues helps ensure it’s working optimally.


2. Plant some trees


Have abundant sunshine pouring into your home? Consider planting a tree or bush to block some sunlight and lower your utility bills.


3. Get smart


Use technology to bring down your energy costs. Program or control your thermostat from a connected device while you are away. 


4. Time your chores


Using large appliances, like a washing machine and dishwasher, can add extra heat to your home, especially if you live in a small space. Use these machines after dark, when it’s generally cooler outside. 


5. Get grilling


Keep the house cooler by doing your cooking outside whenever possible.


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