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Budgeting Apps to Replace Mint

Budgeting Apps to Replace Mint

If you’re a previously happy Mint user, you’re probably seeking a new platform for managing your money after Mint’s closure. Well, we’re here to help, because we’ve already researched the top budgeting apps on the market. Here’s the info you need on each of them so you can find the Mint alternative that best meets your needs.


Credit Karma


Wanna stick to Intuit, the company that owns Mint? You can easily transfer your data to Credit Karma, an efficient Mint alternative. View your transactions in the app just like you’ve done with Mint, track your spending and aggregate your financial accounts.




  • Uses your data to make personalized recommendations

  • Provides basic budgeting tips

  • Monitors credit

  • Intuit Assist, an AI-powered personal financial assistant, further helps users with their money management




  • Lacks the budget tracking tool that Mint excelled at

  • Excessive emphasis on credit scores can be distracting




The Dave Ramsey-inspired budgeting app is famously built on four basic principles:


  1. Every dollar needs a job.

  2. Embrace your true expenses.

  3. Roll with life’s punches.

  4. Age your money.




  • 34-day free trial

  • Unique budgeting method




  • High price relative to competitors

  • Complicated system





Pocketguard really shines at tracking daily expenses. The app will allow you to build a budget and monitor your bills. It will also alert you when bills need to be paid. 




  • Cash flow is easy to see 

  • User-friendly platform

  • Can help you negotiate for lower bills

  • Syncs financial accounts




  • Pro version isn’t free

  • Some users complain about technical issues 




The world’s first AI budgeting app brings the magic of artificial intelligence to the world of budgeting. 




  • Free trial and free basic version

  • Budgeting features are easy to use

  • Graphics to showcase your finances

  • Syncs financial accounts




  • Gold version is costly

  • Limited personal finance tools beyond budgeting




This budgeting app, formerly called Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA), can be a great choice for couples wanting to sync up their budgeting. It utilizes the money envelope system and allows you to add your transactions and divide expenses into multiple envelopes.




  • 10 free digital envelopes; unlimited with paid version

  • Sync across multiple devices

  • Track progress toward paying off debt




  • Free version has limitations

  • Doesn’t sync to financial accounts


Say goodbye to Mint and hello to your new favorite budgeting app! 

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