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Best Times to Buy 2 of 12: Fitness Gear

Best Times to Buy 2 of 12: Fitness Gear

The new year is not so new anymore, and those resolutions to get yourself into shape are getting old. But don’t let them get stale just yet! Mid-winter is actually a great time to stock up on fitness gear at bargain prices. If you miss this season’s sales, you can pick up exercise equipment at a discount several other times a year.


Here’s when to buy fitness gear throughout the year.




January and February tend to bring some of the best deals on fitness equipment that will hit the stores all year. With consumers looking to make good on their New Year’s resolutions, retailers are eager to capitalize on this interest to make a quick buck. In an effort to attract the most customers, they’ll lower their prices – and you can take advantage!




Interest in fitness tends to drop after the New Year’s peak, but it will pick up again a few months later as summer looms on the calendar. It’s almost time to hit the beach, and people want to shed those pounds and beef up those muscles before swim season gets here. Retailers will often run sale events on fitness gear before summertime to attract customers.


Early summer


As the weather starts to warm up and people head outside to get their fitness fix, sales on workout gear start up. In an effort to boost business, retailers will start slashing prices on fitness equipment. Check out your favorite fitness-gear retailers for great deals on exercise equipment early in the season. 


Amazon Prime Day


Amazon Prime Day, which usually happens in mid-July, will bring deep discounts on fitness gear. Be sure to do your research before Prime Day arrives so you can pick up the best  deals before they go dead. You can also use a site deal hunter like camelcamelcamel so you don’t miss a deal.


After food-based holidays


Fitness sales and gym memberships tend to peak after holidays where the celebration centers around food. This includes Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday. All that eating sends consumers looking for more fitness gear to try getting back into shape, and retailers want to capitalize.


How to save on fitness gear throughout the year


Regardless of when you decide to shop for fitness gear, these tips can help you get the biggest bang for your buck:


  • Research your purchase online.

  • Layer manufacturer coupons and retail sales.

  • Sign up for email alerts from your favorite fitness retailers for early notice of their sales.

  • Be aware of shipping fees as you shop. 

  • Note their return policies. 

  • Consider used gear from sites like eBay and Craigslist. 


Setting up a well-equipped home gym should not force you to bust your budget. Use this guide to know when to buy fitness gear throughout the year. 

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