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How to Play the Retail Game and Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

How to Play the Retail Game and Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Are you ready to save big? We’ve got the 411 on how to save on all your purchases at your favorite retailers! Here’s how to play the retail game and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Ask for a discount at Home Goods


If you find an item while at Home Goods, and it’s slightly damaged, ask for a discount at the register. A barely noticeable scratch can net a 10% discount, and more heavily damaged items can be slashed up to 28%.


Get TJMaxx markdowns on Wednesday mornings


If you’re a TJMaxx fan, shop Wednesday mornings. The biggest markdowns happen Tuesday night after closing, so you’ll find the best pickings first thing on Wednesdays.


Learn the Target sale schedule


Take advantage of weekly markdowns on specific product categories at Target:


  • Monday: Electronics, kids’ clothing, books, baby supplies, accessories

  • Tuesday: Pet supplies, food, women’s clothing

  • Wednesday: Health and beauty products, men’s clothing, furniture 

  • Thursday: Shoes, toys, home decor, sleepwear, housewares

  • Friday: Cosmetics, jewelry, hardware


Leverage Walmart’s price-match guarantee


Walmart will match all base prices for identical items found in a physical Walmart store. Inform a Walmart associate about the price-match if the product must be in stock on the website and identical to the store product.


Similarly, when shopping, if you find a cheaper price on an identical, in-stock product from an online retailer, Walmart will match the price. Here, too, the product you are purchasing must be identical to the lower-priced product. There is also no price-matching on items advertised as sales, damaged or refurbished. 


Shop Old Navy on Sunday and Monday


Shop Old Navy on Sunday and Monday for markdowns that roll out every Sunday. Some of these discounts may not be applied until Monday, but waiting that extra day can mean missing out on fabulous deals. Make your choice and hit the store on either day for guaranteed savings.


Shop IKEA’s As-Is section on Mondays


Shop IKEA on Mondays, and enter the store through the exit, instead of the main entrance. This will take you directly to the As-Is section. Here you’ll find all the returned, damaged and previously displayed items, which are marked down as much as 50% off original prices. IKEA gets the most shoppers over the weekend, making this section the most full on Monday mornings.


Shop H&M’s nine seasons


Yes, H&M has nine seasons. To make things simple, the seasons are numbered 1-9. To find out what season the retailer is up to, check out the barcode on an item’s price tag. The season is the seventh number in the first line of numbers under the bar code. If you see a 2 here, you’ll know this item is from Season 2. Check out other items to see what the store is selling now. If most items are from Season 3, it’s likely that Season 2 item will be discounted soon.


Play the retail game like a winner and get the biggest bang for your buck!

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