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5 Financial Lessons You Can Learn From Football

5 Financial Lessons You Can Learn From Football

1: Passion breeds success


It takes more than muscle to be a football star. True success depends on passion for the game.


Likewise, you’ll see the most success while working at a job you are passionate about. 


2: Discipline is key 


Pro football requires massive self-discipline. Athletes must ignore distractions and devote themselves completely to the game. 


Managing your finances requires discipline, too. Train yourself to ignore temptation and stick to your budget and saving goals.


3: Set small goals


Young athletes aspiring to play pro football set small, trackable goals along the way toward their long-term goal.


Setting small goals is equally important in personal finance. Set small, measurable goals that progressively build toward your

larger goal.


4: Diversify


A football team needs every player to bring their special skill to the game.


Similarly, it’s best to diversify investments across different classes to balance your chances of sustainable and overall success. 


5: Success is a long game


Football players know there are no shortcuts to building skill, stamina and strength. 


There are no shortcuts to wealth either. Just follow the timeless rules of money management, like paying yourself first and spending less than you earn. 

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