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Beware Third-Party App Scams

Beware Third-Party App Scams

What these scams look like:


  • Victim receives notification alleging to be from a payment app claiming a large withdrawal will be made from their account. 

  • Victim is instructed to call a number for help in blocking the withdrawal.

  • Victim calls, and is connected to a “rep” of their bank or credit union.

  • The “rep” tells the victim to download an app, which will give the scammer access to their device.

  • The scammer now has full access to the victim’s accounts. 


Can you spot a scam?


If you’re asked to …


  • Share sensitive data before downloading an app,

  • Click on a suspicious link to “fix” an issue with a payment app,

  • Call an unknown number for “help” with an app,

  • Give a “rep” access to your device,


…You’re probably looking at a scam!


Protect yourself


Stay safe through these tips:


  • Only download apps from trusted sources.

  • Before downloading an app, check its reviews and ratings. 

  • Research all apps before downloading.

  • Regularly update your operating system and app versions. 


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