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How Can I Save Money at the Mall?

How Can I Save Money at the Mall?

Q: I’m a shopaholic, and my budget is suffering. I especially blow more money when I hit the mall. How can I save money at the mall?


A: Malls are designed to make the shopper think less and spend more, but you can enjoy your mall-shopping while keeping your budget, too. Here are six tips for saving money at the mall.


  1. Before you buy an item on sale, ask yourself one question:


Would you buy this if it weren’t on sale? If the answer is no, you’re not getting a deal; you’re spending money you shouldn’t be spending on something you don’t really need.


  1. Say no to store credit cards


Store cards are rarely worth the hassle. They do come with perks, but the interest rates on unpaid bills tend to be extreme. They can also lead to overspending as the shopper tries to meet a minimum transaction amount or qualify for extra perks.


  1. Shop with cash


If you just can’t stick to a budget while shopping at the mall, leave the plastic at home and go with cash only. Take only what you need for your planned purchases, and you won’t be able to blow your budget.


  1. Hit the outlets


You can pick up fabulous finds at your favorite retailers for a fraction of the cost at an outlet mall. 


  1. Ask for price adjustments


Don’t you hate when an item goes on sale right after you bought it at full-price? Many retailers will refund the difference of marked-down items within a specific time frame. Hold onto your receipts and check the website of the retailer that sold the item to you. If it went on sale, bring the item and the receipt to the place of purchase so you can get some cash back.


  1. Shop at off-peak hours


Consider doing your shopping in the early morning or late at night. The crowds will be thinner, leaving you with more time to make financially responsible decisions. If you shop early, you’ll also have first pickings at sale items.


The mall and your budget are friends again! Follow these hacks to save money at the mall. 

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