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Fraud Alert - Protecting Your Account

Fraud Alert - Protecting Your Account

Your safety is our top priority. Scam attempts have increased targeting financial institutions' consumers, including our members. Firemen's Federal will never call or text you to ask for your account information, secure access code, card information, PIN, or online banking username/password. If you receive a call asking for this information, hang up and contact your Firemen's Federal team.


To stay safe, follow these tips:

  1. Never share your online banking credentials, PIN, or passwords with anyone.
  2. Verify communications by contacting us.
  3. Keep your devices and security software updated to defend against malware and phishing attacks.
  4. Review your account statements regularly and report any suspicious activity promptly.
  5. Never share one-time passwords or multifactorial authentication information.
  6. Use strong, unique passwords on every site where you have an account.


Our team is dedicated to enhancing security measures to protect your account.


If you encounter suspicious communication or have security concerns, contact your Firemen's Federal team.


Thank you for trusting Firemen’s Federal Credit Union as your financial partner.


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