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Travel Hacks 7 of 12-Save on Transportation Costs on Vacation

Travel Hacks 7 of 12-Save on Transportation Costs on Vacation

Transportation costs can take a big bite out of a vacation budget. The good news is, there are loads of hacks you can use to bring those costs down. Here’s how to save on transportation costs while on vacation


Book early


One of the most effective ways to save on transportation costs is to plan and book your travel arrangements ahead of time. Whether you’re booking flights, train tickets or rental cars, comparing prices and booking ahead of time can significantly reduce your transportation expenses.


Travel off-season


Popular tourist destinations will often have peak and off-peak seasons based on factors such as weather, holidays and local events. By choosing to travel during less-crowded times, you can take advantage of discounted transportation services.


Take advantage of public transportation


Public transportation can be a cheap option when exploring a new city or country. Research the available public transportation options and consider purchasing daily or weekly passes for unlimited travel within the area.


Get moving


Why not explore your vacation destination on foot or by bicycle? Many cities have well-planned walking and cycling routes, making it convenient and enjoyable to navigate through popular areas and attractions.


Share rides and carpool


If you prefer the convenience of private transportation, sharing rides or carpooling can really reduce your costs. Services like Uber and Lyft often offer shared ride options, allowing you to split the fare with other travelers who are going in the same direction.


Use travel passes


Many destinations offer travel passes or city cards that provide discounted or free access to various modes of transportation, attractions and activities. Research and compare available travel passes at your destination to determine which best aligns with your travel plans.


Seek our local discounts


Keep an eye out for local discounts and offers that can further reduce your transportation costs.


Rent smartly


If you do plan to rent a car, do it right to score the best deal. First, use an app like Hopper to learn about special deals. Next, choose a smaller car for big savings. Finally, don’t ask for recommendations, as those offering them are likely getting a kickback from the company, which increases your price.


Don’t let your transportation costs kill your budget! Use the tips outlined here to save big. 

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