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Beware Vacation Scams

Beware Vacation Scams

Vacations are the stuff that dreams are made of, but scammers want to turn those dreams into your worst nightmare. Let’s take a look at some common vacation scams and how to avoid them. 

Online rental scams

How it plays out: Fraudsters create fake listings for accommodations, offering attractive deals and eye-catching images. They’ll insist on upfront payment or request wire transfers for guaranteeing the availability. Unfortunately, though, the rental does not exist, or it’s very unlike the images that drew the vacationer in.


Stay safe: To avoid falling victim to online rental scams, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. When booking a vacation rental online, carefully research and verify the legitimacy of the rental property through reputable websites or direct communication with the owner. Use secure payment methods and never wire money to strangers.


Free vacation scams


How it plays out: Here, a target will receive a letter, email or text message letting them know they’ve won a sweepstakes for a free vacation. They’ll be asked to pay a small processing fee. After paying it, though, they’ll never hear from the company again.


Stay safe: Never share personal information with an unverified contact or make a payment to an unknown recipient by gift card or wire transfer. Also, if you’re asked to pay a “processing fee” to claim a prize, you’re being scammed.


Travel package scams


How it plays out: An enticing travel package promising luxurious vacations at unbelievably low prices sucks the victim in. Fraudulent travel agencies or websites may request upfront payment for the entire package, only to disappear once the money is received.


Stay safe: Protect yourself by researching any travel agency or website you use to book your vacation. Be skeptical of deals that fall way below average market prices.


Timeshare resale scams


How it plays out: Timeshare resale scams target vacationers looking to sell their timeshare properties. Scammers contact timeshare owners, offering assistance in selling. They’ll request upfront fees but provide no actual service. 


Stay safe: To avoid falling victim to timeshare scams, only work with reputable resale companies or seek advice from your timeshare resort.


Don’t let scammers turn your dream vacation into a nightmare! Follow these tips to stay safe. 

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