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Affordable Sustainability 7 of 12-How to Use Appliances Efficiently

Affordable Sustainability 7 of 12-How to Use Appliances Efficiently

Did you know that appliances account for approximately 13% of your home’s energy use? The good news is, you don’t have to completely pull the plug to save on your energy costs. Here’s how to use your appliances more efficiently to reduce your energy use and do one for the environment.


Choose energy-efficient appliances


When purchasing new appliances, choose models with high energy efficiency ratings. Look for the ENERGY STAR label, which indicates that the appliance meets strict energy efficiency standards.


Follow the user manuals


User manuals provide valuable information about the optimal usage and maintenance of appliances. Take the time to read the manuals thoroughly, as they offer specific instructions on how to maximize efficiency and extend the lifespan of each appliance.


Use appliances smartly


Take full advantage of any automatic settings on your appliances to use them more efficiently. For example, you can set your HVAC system to adjust its temperature when no one’s home or everyone is asleep.

Saving on energy around the house


Follow these tips to use appliances more efficiently around the house:




  • Choose “sleep” over “screen save” to use less energy when away from your computer.

  • Consider switching from a desktop PC to a laptop, as these use 10% of the electricity.

  • Turn off your monitor when it’s not in use.

  • Think three times before you print. 




  • Match up your pots to your burner size 

  • Cook with aluminum pans for even heat conduction.

  • Keep range-top burners clean for better reflection of heat and saved energy.




  • Keep your thermostats at the recommended settings.

  • Position your refrigerator away from a heat source. 

  • Clean the condenser coils of refrigerators and freezers regularly.




  • Only run full loads.

  • Avoid pre-rinsing dirty dishes unless absolutely necessary. 

  • During warmer times of the year, run the dishwasher in the early morning or evenings, when it’s cooler out.




  • Wash with cold water as much as possible. 

  • Keep the lint filter clean for quicker dry times. 

  • Make sure your dryer is vented properly. 


Air conditioner


  • Cook less when it’s hot out. 

  • Set your thermostat to adjust automatically. 

  • Clean or replace your filters regularly to maintain proper airflow. 


Use these tips to use your appliances more efficiently and save on energy usage and total costs. 

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