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All You Need to Know About Money Market Accounts

All You Need to Know About Money Market Accounts

What is it?


A money market account is a unique account that blends the best features of checking and savings accounts while offering your money a real chance at growth.


Why open a money market account?


  • High interest rates that surpass traditional checking accounts.

  • Increased flexibility, often offering check-writing abilities and debit card access.

  • Security and stability that is unaffected by market conditions.

  • Minimum balance requirements.


How do I use a money market account?


  • Occasional expenses

  • Tuition payments

  • Emergency household repairs

  • Unexpected medical fees 

  • Purchasing a new car

  • Tax and/or insurance premium payments

  • Annual vacation


How do I manage my money market account?


Keep your account well-funded at all times to avoid penalties and fees.


Build your balance over time by automating monthly transfers and watching your money grow. 

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