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50 Budget-Friendly Activities to Try This Summer

50 Budget-Friendly Activities to Try This Summer

It’s summertime! Get ready for long, lazy days filled with moments that are sure to become priceless memories you and your family will treasure forever. And the best news? It doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are 50 budget-friendly activities to try this summer. 


  1. Go stargazing. 
  2. Practice origami. 
  3. Plant a flower or vegetable garden. 
  4. Have a picnic. 
  5. Play a round of disc golf. 
  6. Go fishing. 
  7. Take a nature walk and look for flora and fauna known to be found in the area.
  8. Go biking. 
  9. Train for a charity 5K race.
  10. Clean a stream with some friends.
  11. Nap on a hammock in the shade and under the summer sky.
  12. Attend a free festival. 
  13. Plan an outdoor movie night.
  14. Go bird-watching and see how many winged friends you can find.
  15. Visit a farmer’s market for fresh in-season produce.
  16. Fly a kite in an open field.
  17. Cloud-watch. 
  18. Make homemade ice cream
  19. Play flashlight tag.
  20. Paint a picture on a blank canvas.
  21. Write a story. 
  22. Host a cooking show. 
  23. Go surfing.
  24. Build a Lego masterpiece.
  25. Finish a puzzle, glue it together and hang it on your wall.
  26. Play charades with friends and/or family.
  27. Paint an artistic work on a wall in your home.
  28. Build a sandcastle at the beach. 
  29. Go on a scavenger hunt. 
  30. Host a fashion show. 
  31. Visit a local museum on free-admission day.
  32. Build a cardboard box castle. 
  33. Make sock puppets. 
  34. Have a water balloon fight. 
  35. Volunteer for a charity. 
  36. Make homemade Play-doh
  37. Paint rocks.
  38. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows and s’mores.
  39. Play backyard games like giant Jenga, ladder toss and more. 
  40. Build a piece of furniture from scratch. 
  41. Learn a new language.
  42. Host a yard sale to get rid of your clutter and earn some pocket change. 
  43. Go camping. 
  44. Wash the car. 
  45. Take apart an old appliance to see what makes it work.
  46. Host a talent show. 
  47. Write a letter. 
  48. Host a dance-a-thon. 
  49. Spend a day at the library.
  50. Host a potluck dinner.

This summer, you can have your fun, and your budget, too!

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