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Grad Gifts on a Budget: Celebrating the Big Day without Breaking the Bank

Grad Gifts on a Budget: Celebrating the Big Day without Breaking the Bank

Graduation season is here! While it’s a super-exciting time for grads, it can also be a stressful time for those looking to find the perfect gift within budget. Whether you’re a parent, a friend or a relative of a grad, finding a thoughtful and meaningful gift that won’t break the bank can be challenging. No worries, though; we can help! Use this list as a springboard for ideas toward landing a perfect grad gift on a budget.


Personalized gifts


Personalized gift items are all the rage, and they run the gamut from personalized Starbucks coffee cups to wine glasses to fleece blankets. If none of these choices speak to you, you can go for a personalized journal or planner, which can be super-useful for keeping track of their busy schedules in college. Or, go for a personalized recipe book, which you can create on your own and fill with a collection of the grad’s favorite recipes.




For a truly low-cost and thoughtful gift option, bake a batch of cookies! Choose the grad’s favorite baked treat, and whip up a large batch. Arrange them nicely on a decorative tray, or in a rustic basket, and tie it all up with a pretty ribbon. For a punny touch, attach a note that says, “You’re one smart cookie!”


Laundry essentials


Laundry is a necessary part of college that can be challenging to master. Make it more fun by preparing a large basket of laundry essentials for your grad. Include detergent, stain remover and dryer sheets. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, a funky laundry bag can complete the package. Add a note to your gift, saying “Have loads of fun in college!”


Picture collage


What better way to mark this special occasion than with photos of memorable times of the last few years? Print the best selections you can find on your grad’s social media pages and put it all together for a picture collage they’ll cherish. They’ll appreciate the time you took to create the collage and use it as wall decor in their college dorm room. Every time they see the collage on their wall, they’ll remember your thoughtfulness.


“Open when” letters


Acclimating to college life can be stressful. There are so many adjustments to make and firsts to navigate. Make it easier for your grad by providing them with a batch of “open when” letters. Mark each letter with a milestone for its opening date, such as the first full day of class, first successful home-cooked meal, first exam, first time they’re homesick, etc. Your letters will give your grad a pick-me-up just when they need it most.


College survival kit


Grab a large basket and go crazy at the dollar store. Fill your basket with all kinds of items your grad will need to survive college, like flip flops, shaving cream, kitchen utensils, Advil, lots of chocolate and more. You can make this a basket full of practical items or go for a lighter touch and throw in stuff like energy drinks and noise-canceling headphones.


Amazon gift card


When all other ideas fail, a gift card can always do the trick. And a gift card to the world’s largest online marketplace can always come in handy. This Amazon grad gift card is an especially great choice for its adorable grad-themed packing.


It’s graduation season, and you couldn’t be prouder! Fortunately, you can show your excitement and pride without busting the budget. Use the tips outlined here to find that perfect grad gift on a bank. 

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