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Travel Hacks 2 of 12-Open a Vacation Club Account

Travel Hacks 2 of 12-Open a Vacation Club Account

Vacation plans can really help us power through the daily grind, but all of those plans can cost a pretty penny! How will you pay for your vacation expenses?


Lucky for you, as a member of The New Orleans Firemen's Federal Credit Union,  you already have access to a range of savings options and loans that can help you fund a large purchase, like a dream vacation. One of these options is the Vacation Club Savings Account [or the Holiday Club Savings Account].


Let’s take a closer look at this savings option and how it can help make your dream vacation more affordable.


What is a club account?


A club account is a savings account where the account holder makes regular contributions toward a set goal. Vacation club accounts are designed to help the account holder save up for vacation expenses.


What are some advantages of a vacation club account?


Vacation club accounts make dream vacations affordable by spreading the costs throughout the year. But there’s more benefits to a vacation club account. Here are just a few:


  • Motivates you to save

  • Builds strong saving habits

  • Prevents overspending and new debt

  • “Hides” vacation money so you are less tempted to spend elsewhere

  • Favorable dividend rates


Vacation club accounts make dream getaways affordable. Use this info and make an informed decision. Happy travels!

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