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6 Ways to Save on Gas Costs

6 Ways to Save on Gas Costs

1. Use cash


Many gas stations offer a discount for paying cash, sometimes up to 20 cents per gallon.


2. Use a rewards program or credit card


Rack up the rewards points, but make sure you’re actually coming out ahead by knowing the terms and conditions before signing up.


3. Check your tire pressure


According to the US Department of Energy, well-inflated tires can save you 15 cents a gallon.


4. Use a gas-tracking app


Use an app like GasBuddy, Upside or Waze to help you find the lowest-priced gas in your area or along the path of your trip.


5. Purchase a club membership


Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart Plus all offer discounted gas exclusively to members.


6. Buy gas at the right time of day


Pump when it’s cooler outside (typically mornings and evenings) when fuel is densest and longest-lasting.

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