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5 Tech Tools to Help Boost Your Productivity at Work

5 Tech Tools to Help Boost Your Productivity at Work

Looking for ways to up your productivity levels while at work? These innovative apps can help you stay on top of your game at the office, always.


  1. Freedom


Distractions can make it impossible to get any work done. With the Freedom app, though, your time is yours again. Block out all distractions, like promo emails, social media alerts you really don’t need to know about right now and more. You can choose to go offline completely, only block out social media or select which apps and/or websites you want to disable now. Choose your time block, too, and you’re ready to get to work!


  1. Sunrise


This free calendar app makes your work schedule super smooth and simple. Input your tasks and meetings into the calendar, and it helps you get them done with innovative features, like automatically dialing into a conference call, importing photos of your contacts via their social media profiles and more.


  1. Todoist


Get more done in less time with this super-convenient to-do list app. Share your lists with your co-workers, assign tasks to various team members and collaborate efficiently with the entire team on any project. No more waiting for updates on an assignment, fielding endless questions about your own progress on a task or wondering who can assist you with a project.


  1. Doodle


Are you constantly getting caught up in long email chains when trying to find a date and time for a meeting that works with everyone? Save time and stress with the Doodle app, which allows you to suggest a date for a meeting within a single message, send it to participants through the app and then let them instantly vote on what works for them. Let the app do the rest of the work, confirming the date that works best for everyone.


  1. Slack


Stop wasting half of your workdays on back-and-forth emails between yourself and your colleagues. Slack helps streamline your communications to be more effective and leave less room for misunderstandings. Set up different “channels” for select groups of team members, or even for specific projects so no relevant messages get lost in the shuffle. The app also allows for push notifications so you never miss an important update.


Use these tech tools to stay on top of your game at work and bring your productivity to a new level.

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