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What to Buy and What to Skip in September

What to Buy and What to Skip in September

Get ready for big savings on big-ticket items this September! Retailers want to bring the crowds back after the big back-to-school storm has passed, and to clear the shelves before the holiday season blows in. All that, plus the Labor Day sales, means big savings in September – but not on everything. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in September.


Buy: Mattresses and bedding


Mattress sales give Labor Day its awesome name, and for good reason. Get crazy-deep discounts on mattresses this month at almost any retailer that sells them. Top off the deal with some bedding and bath supplies, which are also selling at bargain prices.


Skip: Halloween costumes and decor


Retailers will  have you thinking Halloween is tomorrow, but you have plenty of time to prep for Oct. 31. Though Halloween costumes and decor will hit the stores this month, hold off on buying them until October rolls around for some scary-low discounts.


Buy: Airfare


The best deals on plane tickets usually show up eight weeks before the travel date, and for Thanksgiving, that means buying tickets in September. Look out for deals on tickets at the end of the month to save big on your travel plans.


Skip: Autumn wear


It’s too early in the season for slashed prices on clothing. You can pick up some essentials if you must, but you’re best off waiting until October or November to shop for your complete autumn wardrobe at sizzling-hot prices.


Buy: Plants


Hold onto summer a bit longer with some vibrant greenery. All summer plants, trees and shrubs will be retailing at dirt-cheap prices this month as garden centers make room for autumn and holiday plants. This can be a terrific time to upgrade your property’s landscaping with some perennials.


Skip: Electronics


Labor Day might bring some incredible deals on big-ticket items, but electronics aren’t one of them. Instead, TVs, headphones, audio systems and more tend to see their lowest prices during Black Friday sale events.


Buy: Denim


Jeans are a hot item during back-to-school shopping. Come September, retailers will slash prices to unload any unsold inventory.


Use this guide to know what to buy and what to skip in September. 

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