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Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away

Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away

Title: Cashing Out: Win the Wealth Game by Walking Away


Author: Julien Saunders, Kiersten Saunders


Hardcover: 272 pages


Publisher: Portfolio


Publishing date: June 14, 2022


Who is this book for?


  • African Americans who find it challenging to build their wealth despite following all the right rules.

  • Anyone struggling with money management and career growth.


What’s inside this book?


  • A roadmap to financial freedom that makes wealth possible despite a broken economic system. 

  • A financial and career path that breaks free from corporate America’s rules so you can build wealth on your terms. 


4 lessons you’ll learn from this book:


  1. Which goals to prioritize at each stage of your career so you can plan for an early retirement.  

  2. How to talk about money with your partner without every conversation ending in an argument.

  3. Practical strategies to grow your wealth without a large investment of time and energy. 

  4. Why the mantra of “Black Excellence” is an unsustainable form of motivation for building wealth. 


4 questions this book will answer for you:


  1. I’m following the same script as my white colleagues; why am I only seeing half the results?

  2. Is financial freedom really within my reach?

  3. Why am I always being passed up for career opportunities?

  4. Do I have to sacrifice my time and mental health to maximize my income?


What people are saying about this book:


“Cashing Out feels like the talk you desperately needed from the big cousins you’ve always looked up to. It’s filled with gems about money, navigating your career and most importantly — relationships — from people who’ve done it successfully. You can literally feel the love and wisdom they’ve poured into every single chapter.” –Anthony O’Neal


“Read this book. Read it for the cool stories. Read it for the cool concepts. But mostly read it because it just might nudge you toward a far freer, richer and more rewarding life.” –J.L. Collins, author of The Simple Path to Wealth


“The ideas in this book have the power to change the wealth trajectories of Black folks everywhere.” –Jewel Burks Solomon


“An honest and encouraging approach, with a dash of tough love, to help you determine what it takes to be financially, emotionally and mentally wealthy.” –Erin Lowry


“Kiersten and Julien know their stuff, but they never put themselves on a pedestal. Instead, they nudge you along to your best financial life like your favorite older siblings, sharing their own vulnerabilities, acknowledging the many systemic barriers that exist, and never making you feel bad for your past choices.” –Tanja Hester


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