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Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple

Title: Small Steps to Rich 2022: Personal Finance Made Simple


Author: Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall


Paperback: 333 pages


Publisher: Judicial Corporation


Publishing date: October 6, 2021


Who is this book for?


  • Anyone interested in improving their financial standing, regardless of educational background, age or income.


What’s inside this book?


  • A simple, three-step approach for growing wealth and maximizing investments

  • The most current info on interest rates, contribution limits, tax deductions and other financial matters 

  • Clear explanations and guidelines on diversification, credit scores, stocks, homebuying, investing, mortgages, financial advisors, annuities, bonds, CDs, dividends, high-yield savings accounts, insurance, cryptocurrencies, 401(k)s, IRAs, ETFs, mutual funds, trusts and more


4 lessons you’ll learn from this book:


  1. How to maximize investment returns with mutual funds and ETFs.

  2. How to lower your taxes with IRAs, 401(k)s and other advantaged accounts.

  3. How to slash costs on your mortgages, student loans and other debt.

  4. How to control biases that interfere with good financial decision making.


4 questions this book will answer for you:


  1. How do I know when and how to hire qualified financial professionals?

  2. What’s the perfect amount to save in government-insured accounts?

  3. How do I avoid making poor decisions during times of market turbulence?

  4. How can I utilize trust funds and ITF accounts to provide for my loved ones?


What people are saying about this book:


  • “This is a great book if you want to understand how to manage your personal finances. Many things in this book might be obvious, but it puts forth a great model for you to follow the obvious things you need to do.” 

  • “An easy read, with great insight.”


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