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10 Tips for ATM Safety

10 Tips for ATM Safety

  1. Keep your PIN private. 


  1. Check the ATM for a card skimmer: is the card slot feels loose? Colored differently than the rest of the machine? Is the keypad is too thick or does it look newer than the ATM? 


  1. Bring along a buddy, especially when using an ATM at night. 


  1. Look for suspicious persons that may be lurking nearby.


  1. Use your body as a shield by standing close to the machine and covering the keypad with your free hand while entering your PIN. 


  1. Have your debit card ready to use before you approach the machine. 


  1. Put away all cash as soon as you complete your transaction.  


  1. Lock all doors and roll up passenger windows when using a drive-thru ATM. 


  1. If you suspect foul play, leave immediately. 


  1. Take your receipt if one is provided. 


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