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5 Uses for a Home Equity Loan

5 Uses for a Home Equity Loan

5 Uses for a Home Equity Loan


 You’re sitting on a home that’s worth a nice chunk of money, so you may want to tap into that asset by taking out a Home Equity Loan (HEL).


 How can you use that HEL? There are so many ways!


#1: Fund home renovations


By far, the most popular use for home equity is funding home improvements. Give your kitchen a major facelift, build that extension you’ve been dreaming of or put in a sparkling blue pool!


#2: Take that dream vacation


That luxury cruise you’ve always drooled over, or that summer jaunt through Europe, can now be a reality!


#3: Pay your child’s college tuition


You don’t need to go into deep student loan debt for your kid’s education. Instead, tap into your home’s equity to cover those tuition bills and pay it all back at a steady and manageable pace.


#4: Adopt a child


Have you held back on your dreams of adopting a child because of a lack of funds? Well, nothing’s holding you back now!


#5 Start a new business


Is a lack of start-up cash stopping you from hanging up your shingle? Tap into your home’s equity to make your business dreams come true!

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