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Kyle Dennis Risks Life Savings to Escape Debt

Kyle Dennis Risks Life Savings to Escape Debt

Sometimes, all you need is a little luck and determination to get rich. That’s definitely the case with Kyle Dennis, who found himself $80,000 in debt and working for his mom in her real estate office when he decided to invest every penny he had — approximately $15,000 — in the stock market. It was a big risk, but one he felt he needed to take if he was going to get out of debt.


You see, as a biology major from UCLA, he knew his passion for science would never land him the comfortable life he always desired, and his salary was doing little to conquer the student loan debt he had.


Dennis learned about the stock market from someone who worked next to him in the real estate office. Though he knew nothing about stocks, he liked hearing about the success his new friend was having. He did some research and discovered a ​webinar by Jason Bond​ that revealed three easy stock trading strategies anybody could use, so he decided to give it a try.


In a single day, Dennis saw his trading account increase and, after just a few days, the gains became even larger. In his first year, he made $838,000 in profits, enough to pay his college debt in full.


Two years later, Dennis turned that original $15,000 investment into a more than $2.8 million, and won a Porsche from Bond, who had promised the prize for his first three students who crossed the million-dollar profit mark.


Since then, Dennis has written a book about his success. Middle-Class Millionaire not only tells his story but explains that you don’t need to be a genius to work the stock market. He says he wasn’t any sort of market genius, but with his smart stock-trading strategy, he achieved massive profits.

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