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Homemade Holidays

Homemade Holidays

Searching for some memorable holiday gifts for your friends, roommates or that special someone? Eager to ship a beautiful bundle home to Mom and Dad but not sure what to pack as a present? More importantly, is it possible to shop for everyone without blowing your meager student budget on one run to the mall?


If spending is the meaning of your holiday season, it’s time for some tips to help you get your friends some festive gifts without taking out that loan you’ve been eyeing. Check out this list of sentimental gift ideas and be meaningful, not expensive, this holiday!


Home-baked Happiness


Do you love working from scratch? If so, consider cooking delicious treats for your friends and family! Just grab a cookbook or click on your favorite search engine and look up easy and fun recipes for homemade cookies, truffles, fudge, and many other yummy creations. Food, after all, is always appreciated, and you can save even more by making large batches. For a special touch, wrap the treats in colorful tissue paper and pack them in a box with a personalized note for each recipient.


Creatively Crafty


It may be simple to pick up a gift card at a chain store, but nothing shows you love and care for someone more than the time and effort you put into creating a homemade craft. For the music lovers in your inner circle, consider combining their favorite songs in a playlist. You can also create personalized photo albums for your friends. Collect pictures and sort them into scrapbooks to share. And, if you’re especially clever with stamps, beads and construction paper, decorate the pages. For added sentimental value, be sure to leave special notes in each album or create homemade holiday cards with personal messages.


Time is Timeless


Many of us remember giving our parents “coupons” for babysitting our siblings, walking the family pet, or cleaning the dishes after dinner. Giving the gift of your time is a way to both manage your budget and create lasting memories. Cook a special meal for your roommate or wash your friend’s car. If you have a special talent like playing the violin or sewing, offer some free lessons. After all, they may misplace a gift card or quickly chow through some festive cookies, but a scarf you’ve knitted together is a timeless treasure your friends or family members will always cherish.

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