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Should I Sell My House Now?

Should I Sell My House Now?

Q: Is 2021 a good time to sell my home?


A: While it appears to be the perfect time to put your home up for sale, there are many variables to consider before dropping a sign in your yard. Here’s what to know about selling your home in 2021.


Is it a seller’s market now?


According to, the current home supply on the market is at an all-time low. At the same time, demand is up, millennials are reaching their peak homebuying years, mortgage rates hit record lows and more people are working from home than ever before.


Here’s a look at some of the current market trends, as shared by


  • Home sales are up by 44% from a year ago. 

  • The median home price for all listings increased by 12.2% over last year for the week ending June 19, 2021.

  • The national median home price in May 2021 was $380,000.

  • Homes are on the market for 33 fewer days than last year. 


Clearly, it is a seller’s market.


Will the market conditions last throughout 2021?


Experts are doubtful that it will remain a seller’s market throughout 2021.


First, more sellers are putting their homes up for sale to take advantage of favorable market conditions. Second, with the federal moratorium on foreclosures and evictions ending on July 31, more homes are expected to enter the market. Finally, mortgage rates have already started climbing. All of these factors will likely cool the market over the next few months.


Why might it be a bad idea to sell my home now?


Under certain conditions, it may not be in your best interest to sell your home now.


First, you will be on the wrong side of the aisle when buying a new home. If you are upsizing, you’ll need to pay more for your new home than you would when the market settles. You’ll also find slim pickings when searching for a new home.


However, if you are downsizing, this can be a great time to get top dollar for your home. Before putting your home on the market, though, do some research to ensure you can find and afford a new place to live. 

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