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Credit Cards In The Holidays

Let’s look at some “naughty” and “nice” ways to use your credit cards during the holidays. Stay on the right list to avoid blotches on your credit report.


Naughty: Financing your gift-giving


It’s tempting to pull out the plastic to pay for all those gifts, but it’s also irresponsible if you can’t pay for it right away. You’ll wind up paying much more in interest and you’ll likely carry the balance well into the new year.


Nice: Paying for holiday travel


Funding your holiday travel costs with credit is a great idea. Most major credit cards offer insurance for rental cars and cancellation policies for flights.


Naughty: Guilt spending


Instead of telling someone you care with a pricey gift you can’t afford, express your feelings with a thoughtful message and an inexpensive gift.


Nice: Spending rewards on holiday purchases


Now’s the time to cash in those points! Most companies offer discounts on gift cards, which make for great gifts.


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