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Where is my Stimulus Check?

Where is my Stimulus Check?

Q: Where can I expect to get my stimulus check?


A: More than half of eligible Americans have already received their Economic Impact Payment, but millions are still waiting. We have the information on when to expect yours.


The Economic Impact Payment schedule 


The IRS is first working on getting the funds to Americans via direct deposit. Most of the payments being issued to people whose account details are known by the IRS went out in April. The rest will be deposited as the information is received.


Next, the IRS will send payments for individuals currently receiving federal benefits. The stimulus payments will be issued the same way these individuals receive their regular federal benefits, whether by direct deposit, Direct Express or paper check. Social Security and Railroad Retirement beneficiaries should receive their benefits in early May. SSI and VA beneficiaries should get theirs by mid-May.


The IRS began issuing paper checks on April 24 to Americans who have not provided their banking details. Low-income Americans are prioritized and individuals earning an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $10,000 or less should have already received their checks. The IRS will then send out approximately 5 million paper checks each week, scheduling mailings according to incomes in increasing $10,000 increments. This schedule will continue through Sept. 4.


How can I make my stimulus money get here quicker?


If you’ve received a tax refund via direct deposit for your most recently filed taxes, the IRS has your information on file and you should have already received your payment. If you have not received a tax refund for your most recently filed returns, or you’ve received one via paper check, the government does not have your checking account information, so your payment may be delayed.


You can update this information on the track your payment portal on the IRS website. Once you’ve shared your account information, your stimulus payment should be scheduled for deposit within the week.


If the IRS already has your banking information and you have still not received your payment, or you prefer to receive it by paper check, you can track your payment on the same link. The site is updated once a day.


What if my information has changed since I filed my last tax return?


If the checking account used for your most recently filed taxes has since been closed, the payment will bounce back to the IRS. It will then send a paper check to the home address it has on file from your tax returns.


To update a checking account, use the IRS payment portal to enter your current information.


If you’ve moved since filing taxes, you can choose to share your checking account information with the IRS, or to use another method to change your address and receive a paper check in the mail.

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