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7 Questions To Ask Before Making A Large Purchase

7 Questions To Ask Before Making A Large Purchase

1. Do I have cash to pay for this item?


Paying with a credit card means hiking up the price with interest payments unless you can pay it off immediately.


2. Is this the best price?


Visit coupon sites for instant savings. Also, consider purchasing a previously owned item for less.


3. How many hours of work will it take to pay for this purchase?


Is it really worth the price after you consider the level of effort it requires?


4. How else can I spend this money?


Take time to think of other ways you can spend this money if you don’t make the purchase.


5. Have I splurged recently?


If you picked up a designer handbag just last week, you’re best off waiting a bit before buying the one that’s caught your eye today.


6. How often will I use this item?


If you’ll only use your purchase a few times a year, you may want to rethink your decision.


7. How much will this money be worth if I were to put it into savings?


Check out an investment calculator to get that magic number. The results might shock you.

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