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Kasasa Loans™

Introducing the only loan with take-backs™



You know it's smart to pay off your loan faster. But what if you need that extra cash later for other things? With a Kasasa Loan, you don't have to choose. You can pay ahead on your loan with confidence (and save interest), knowing you can take those extra funds back, at any time. All backed by a mobile-friendly dashboard that lets you know exactly where you stand.

You can manage your Kasasa Loan from your Kasasa Dashboard by going to



Product Details

  • Pay ahead to pay off your loan faster and reduce interest costs
  • Additional funds (your "take-back fund") are always available to withdraw at a click of a button, with no penalties or fees
    • Your rate remains the same and your payoff schedule adjusts automatically
  • Maintain anytime control of your loan with a mobile-friendly personal dashboard
    • The simple interface shows you a real-time view of where you stand at any given point
    • Easily visualize the impact of changes you're considering before you make them
    • Track, make extra loan payments, or withdraw the extra funds with a click of a button
  • Competitive, fixed rates for a wide range of needs:
    • Auto purchase and refinance
    • Home improvements
    • Vehicle repairs or updates
    • Family vacation
    • Personal projects or startups
    • Major life events
    • Debt consolidation
    • Medical expenses
    • And more!


How It Works

Pay ahead. Take it back. Finally, a loan that's built for real life.

  1. You can choose to pay the minimum monthly payment and stay right on track.
  2. Or, if you have extra funds, you can put them toward your balance to pay it off sooner and save on interest.
  3. If something comes up, you can easily withdraw any extra you've paid with the click of a button.
  4. The funds are transferred into your chosen account, and your payoff schedule adjusts automatically.




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