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24 Hour telephone access to your accounts.  Call 504-889-9080 or 800-292-3232 for account and loan inquiries, transfers, and loan payments. 
Notice:  Effective November 1, 2013
The Hotline audio response system has been upgraded to a guided menu system. You no longer use the service codes to perform transactions. Please listen to the menu and follow the phone prompts which are displayed below.  Contact member services at 504-889-9090 if you need additional assistance.

♦ Enter "1" to Sign-on to membership

• Enter Membership number followed by the #
        (If your social security number is your member number, you must add a zero.)

• Enter Access code followed by the #

♦ Enter “2” for Merchant Check Verification

♦ Enter “1” for Account & Loan Inquires
Enter “1” for Account Balances Inquiries
Enter “2” for Account History
Enter “3” for Cleared Checks
Enter “4” for Loan Inquiries
♦ Enter “2” for Payments, Transfers & Withdrawals
Enter “1” for Loan Payment Options
Enter “2” for Same Account Transfer Options
Enter “3” for Cross Member Transfers
Enter “4” for Withdrawls
♦ Enter “3” for New Member Number & Other Activities
Enter “1” to go to a different Membership
Enter “2” to change access codes
Enter “3” for Stop Payments


 ♦ Enter “0” to transfer the call for Credit Union assistance 
   (This may be used at any time after signing on to the Hotline)

 ♦ Enter * for to return to the previous menu 




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