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Here is what some of our members think about NOFFCU:

I was with a credit union in Florida for 8 years and they would never give me a loan. Since I been with NOFFCU they have not turn me down one time when I applied for a loan. They not only given us loans but they also refinanced my car. This is the best credit union I have every dealt with and I would refer everyone I know to the best Credit Union in Louisiana. They will help you any way they can. Thank you NOFFCU for all you have done .You are the best.

- Getmaine S

I love the friendly staff at the Slidell branch. They are always willing to help and find the best rates or solutions for my needs. I love the multitude of services that they have available. There are also many kid friendly activities as well. I would highly recommend the Firemen's Credit Union to all of my friends.

- Brooke A

I am a fan!! We just switched all our banking over to N.O. Firemen's Federal Credit Union. You all were there for us when we needed some financial help! Thanks!!

- Forest B

I moved out of state and was ready to buy a new car. Because I have worked with NOFFCU in the past and had great experiences, I wanted to finance my vehicle through them again. But I was hesitant because I was far away. I called just to see what that would look like and immediately remembered why I loved NOFFCU. They are so personal and friendly and easy to understand. Not only did they get me the LOWEST finance rate I could find, but they completed the out of state transaction quickly and made it easy for me. I recommend them to everyone!

- Megan M

I opened my account with NOFFCU through a workshop they had at the hospital where I was working. My main reason for opening the account was because of the ATM  machine they were installing there. Convenience was what I needed and wanted. However, over the past few years I have gotten to know some of the ladies that work there and I must say they are some pretty awesome ladies!! Even after leaving the hospital I continue to do my banking there because of them!! They know me by my name. Always helpful, always noticing and acknowledging when I am feeling under the weather, happy, or sad, and always have a welcoming smile. The ladies from the Picayune, Ms. branch always make my banking a pleasant experience. The main reason I stay with NOFFCU is because of them!

- Melissa B

My most recent positive experience with the credit union was undoubtedly the A+ service you get when you walk thru the doors. Our Bogalusa branch has welcomed us and made us feel a part of the team. The staff goes that extra mile in trying to assist you in whatever capacity there is. We couldn't have joined a better credit union. A place where you are known by your name and not a number. You are truly apart of this credit union. My family and I are truly satisfied with our Bogalusa credit union.

-Monique M

I’m only 27 years old, and NOFFCU did not hesitate to help me or my husband when everyone else turned us away. Everybody is not loyal but NOFFCU is a company you can trust all the way!!!! I will be a spokesperson for them until I depart this earth, they are number one in my book. I have told everyone I know about this great banking system, not only do they help, but they sincerely care about each individual.

- Daphne W

I have been a member for at least 20+ years. One thing that has not changed is the person to person friendly experience as well as meeting all my banking needs throughout the years. I am truly proud to be a part of the New Orleans Firemen's Federal Credit Union.

- Michelle E

I've been a satisfied member for decades but normally bank electronically. Last weekend I went in to the Metairie branch to withdraw several hundred dollars in cash and mentioned to the teller that I was going on vacation. She asked if I planned to use my Visa card and if so she could notify them that there would be unusual activity for the week ahead. It never occurred to me to do that and I thought that was exceptional proactive service on my behalf. I wanted to thank her for the "heads up" and for taking action to avoid problems for me.

- Darlene H

It had been a while since I used the mobile app. When I logged in today, I was very impressed with the change. All I can say is LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. You all just keep doing things to make my member experience better and better.

-Neadra Z

My husband, Buddy, and I commend Haley C. Deroche, SR. MSR, St. James Branch, for always going above and beyond our expectations whenever we contact her via telephone to request information and suggestions regarding the many services NOFFCU provides to its members. Mrs. Deroche conducts NOFFCU business professionally and personally. Doing business at NOFFCU with Mrs. Deroche is always a pleasurable experience.

- Buddy & Karen P.

My husband has been a member with NOFFCU for years now, and we have never had one complaint! I just joined today, and the ladies in Picayune, MS were extremely friendly and helpful! Absolutely love NOFFCU!

- Kathy W

I've been banking with NOFFCU in Picayune, Ms for a few months now and haven't had any problems. The tellers greet you with a smile and make sure your questions are answered. They are quick and do a wonderful job. When asked who I bank with, I say NOFFCU with great pride. I recommend anyone that's looking for a bank to come here. Keep up the good work!

- Shakea K.

I love everything about NOFFCU, from the online banking to the staff at the Slidell branch. They are very helpful and know their banking. I also like the new security features you have installed.

- Rosalind L.

I love NOFFCU. They are great! I would recommend them to anyone! I have been with NOFFCU for over ten years. I even opened my son an account. I trust my Credit union! I finance all my cars through NOFFCU. They always make me feel like a family member.

- Tara B.

We have been NOFFCU members since 1971. Stanley remembers going to Central Station and getting money.  Our Grand daughter has a savings account since she was 1 years old and loves bringing her report cards and making her deposit. We always get GREAT service when we come inThat is so wonderful.

- Dorothy S.

I have been a member since I was in Ninth grade. The tellers are friendly, understanding, but most of all they are concerned about their members as if we are family to them! Whatever branch I walk into I am greeted by name, even if I may not be the biggest account holder, I am still treated as an extremely valued member. It's a great feeling! Thanks Firemen's for treating my family as your family.

- Shannon T.

I was introduced to NOFFCU by my broker almost fourteen years ago. And the NOFFCU was the bank of choice when I opened my new business. There has never been a problem that your wonderful staff, Cynthia and Caroline from the Slidell Branch, was not able to solve for me. They are awesome, and are just like my sisters. You just don't turn your back on family, you know?

- Gina B.

Personal, personal and more personal!!! This is the treatment and service me and my parents have received every time we're there, the staff is super friendly and always able to help. I've passed on the banking down to my kids and they enjoy making deposits! No long lines and long wait! That's what makes this a wonderful experience all the time.

- Lyda H.

I Love NOFFCU.  It is always a pleasure dealing with the employees of this credit union. Anytime I hear someone complaining about their financial institution I just in the conversation and say: HEY, you need to switch to NEW ORLEANS FIREMANS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION... YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE SWITCH.

- Steven T.

I'm a new member of New Orleans Firemen's Federal Credit Union, and  I don't get tired of recommending it to my friends and family. Their customer service is superb. Although I'm very new to them, they have treated me as if I have been a long time customer. There are no more "anxieties" having to deal with a banking institution, this one, is more like family.

- Myrna O.

Recently, fraudulent charges were made with my debit card numbers. I was very frantic, but Member Services helped and ensured me that all charges will be reimbursed. The situation was handled calming and very fast. They made me feel like family. I do not think I would get the care and quality from any other place. NOFFCU is the BEST, when it comes to banking. I am so happy I have you on my side.

-Jamie N.

I love New Orleans Fireman's FCU! When, my husband Michael and I were shopping for a family vehicle we came to NOFFCU for financing. Were we treated with the utmost kindness and respect. We were given the loan with a very low interest, unlike other banks that wanted almost double the interest. I recommend NOFFCU to all my friends and family.

-Tina S.

The reason I love NOFFCU? It's simple. They have all the automated, online, after-hours conveniences you could want. And they have the friendliest, familiar, helpful staff offering a smile and a "how ya been?" when you need it. It's a powerful combination when it comes to preventing hacking!

-Andrew T.

When I was 19 years old after graduating high school, I was working full time and as a full time student. Firemen's Credit helped me get a loan for a new car. They were able to help me build up my credit score and they helped me as a friend, not as another number in the system. They constantly called me with every good update to let me know how the loan process was going. They were willing to work with me around my time schedules and made sure I was satisfied with everything and explained all the paper no catches. To this day when I have an issue, they are willing to work with me. Every time, I walk into the credit union, they know me by name and have great understanding of every person’s situation.

-Emily R.

I've been working in Iraq for the past two years so all transactions have to be done either on line or by phone. You have an employee in the main branch, her name is Kym Copeland she is amazing! She makes you feel as if you were the credit unions only customer. I send money to different places around the world, I pay my daughters bills, every request I’ve ever asked has never been a problem for her. She has made me a life time member. If doing business with others was as easy as it is with the Fireman’s Federal Credit Union the world would be a much better place. Thank you Kym!

- Robert J.

 I have been a member for more than 45 years. EVERYTIME I've needed information, assistance, or help with a transaction I've found a "friend" in the people who work for the Credit Union. There is a sense of professionalism from your staff which gives confidence to members.

-Joan D.

I have never been anything but pleased by NOFFCU. Any time I have had a question, the customer service was perfect and I was treated as much more than just an account holder, but as another human being. The employees at my branch have always been kind and helpful, answering any question I had and finding a solution for any problem/issue that was brought up. I do not plan on switching to any other credit union or bank, seeing as there is no reason to fix something that isn't broken! I am definitely a fan of NOFFCU!

-Matthew G.

I have been a member of NOFFCU for almost 25 years now. The personal service I have received at NOFFCU is unlike any other bank I have experienced. They truly make you feel like family. I am proud to be a part of NOFFCU and what it represents to the community of New Orleans. I cannot imagine banking anywhere else.

-Leslie M.

I have been with the New Orleans Fireman Credit Union for a long time. The NOFFCU is a wonderful Credit Union to be apart of. The NOFFCU has a lot of interesting events for the children and teenagers to be apart of. Keep up the good work NOFFCU!!!!!

-Kendrick W.

NOFFCU has provided me with the best services. I am a college student and the online banking is outstanding. It helps me with making a budget every month to see how much I spend on gas, food, and materials for school. Without NOFFCU I would not be able to keep track of my money. I love this bank and will continue being a member even after I graduate.

-Chelsea L.

I always experience a genuine care, concern for whatever my banking need is. Always above, and beyond anything I can imagine or hope for. NOFFCU staff really cares!

-Lisa B.

I really like the idea of local banking, the personal service, patience and friendly & engaging staff makes banking at NOFFCU a pleasure. All of the online features make paying bills a breeze.

-Denise N.

I married into the membership fifteen years ago and saw a positive difference from traditional banking. You are not just workers, you are professionals and family. Your rates are among the lowest and each department has a willingness to find the best outlook for your situation with positiveness and that's a good feeling. This is one reason why I will continue to recommend NOFFCU to friends and relatives.

-Abigail W.

The service is wonderful, it is very convenient. I love to bring my child to deposit in his Spot Savers account because he wants to bring his report card every time he goes.!! He loves the rewards and so do I. Keep up the good work.

-Lyda H.

I am a member and fan of NOFFCU. I love that I can access my accounts at anytime and anywhere. I love the security that NOFFCU offers and the genuine commitment NOFFCU offers its members. Keep it up!
-Britt H.

The credit union continues to provide excellent customer service, EVEN THOUGH I'M LIVING IN TEXAS!!
-John T.

Being with the NOFFCU has completely made my life simpler, from paying bills online to online financing. Everything I've ever had to deal with NOFFCU has gone further than a great experience. I love dealing with a great uplifting credit union, couldn't ask for any more. A+++

-Dustin G.

I like being a member of NOFFCU because you can call anytime of the day/night and you will be able to speak with someone not just go through an automated service. Another thing is that I am not near an NOFFCU [branch], but there are other credit unions that I can use and not incur any fees.

-Jenni B.

I LOVE online bill pay. I love living in Houma, but there isn't a NOFFCU locally. Online banking has made my life so easy. I just sit in front of my computer and within 10 mins, my bills are paid.  I am free to go do whatever else needs my attention. Thanks!


I have been with NOFFCU for over 20 years. After Hurricane Katrina, I moved to Memphis, TN and never left NOFFCU. The service is excellent, as well as the banking products. Now my son and daughter have checking accounts with the credit union as well. I will continue banking with NOFFCU and have no plans on leaving.
-Stephanie A.

 I LOVE banking with NOFFCU. They are big enough to have easy access to an ATM near my home, excellent bill paying services, and all kinds of neat services. Yet they are also small enough to personally help you out when you call or go to your local branch. Recently, my husband and I misplaced our debit card so we started using checks all weekend. We noticed early one morning that the checks were from an old (closed) account. We groaned at the thought of all the fees from the bounced checks and all the hassles that were going to come our way. I got a phone call later that day at work. One of the friendly credit union staff had come across one of the checks. I explained what happened, and she paid the check from my new account and made a note to do the same with the others! No fees! Any other bank would have probably created new fees just to rake it in! Plus, I have to admit, I love all the perks of membership; like linking my account to my online income tax account (no need to remember extra passwords), skip pay options on loans, and access to insurance like Liberty Mutual. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to have one of the accounts for children. We will be sticking with NOFFCU for a long time.
-Keri T.

Two thumbs up for the following.... #1 Love the new website. It is much easier to navigate through and to find what you are looking for. #2 I really, really, REALLY appreciated the courtesy call from your bill pay department when I did not transfer enough funds to cover my cell phone online payment. Even though I am set up to get email reminders from your credit union when this happens, I don't check my email as often as I should and did not read the alert in time. That call from Lynette meant more to me than you will ever know. If I was banking at a bank, I am sure I would not have gotten a courtesy call. Thanks for the great service. Credit unions go above and beyond.
-Arneadra Z.

NOFFCU treats you like family, especially in Picayune, MS where I opened my savings account.  No other [Financial Institution] would finance me for a truck [loan]. ... I love this credit union and look forward to being a [member] for a very long time.  I would definately refer others to this credit union!
-Roque H

I am a long time member of the noffcu and I have been very pleased with the growth of the bank and its online service.  I 100% love the fact that now you can access all you accounts on the same log in. Thanks NOFFCU and keep up the good work.

-Belinda C.

I am a new fan of paying bills on line. I thought it was going to be difficult for me because I am not very good on the internet. It was so simple, I was amazed. I have nothing but positive experiences with the credit union. Thanks for all that you do to make it easy for us older folks.

-Betty J.

One of the reasons I am a loyal NOFFCU member is because this is a financial institution that stays up with the times. And this updated webpage makes my point perfectly! Nice job.

-Pamela P.


Love the new website! So beautiful! Great Job guys!

-Allison P.


Dear credit union, I been a member since 1975. Larry my husband loves the credit union ever since you were on Downman Rd. We would go to Whities's to eat seafood after the visit with the credit union. The people would treat us like family. We would be greeted at the door and this would be a one on one service. Now over 35 years later we are still going to the credit union, The Algiers Branch. Our adult children are now members. This has been a very positive experience no other bank can give. Thank you so much for being there for us.

-Pamela C.


I love NOFFCU because it has open my daughter � s eyes, who is 8 yrs old, to really learn to save her money. She feels grown up when she goes into the credit union to "do her banking" as she calls it. The tellers are very friendly and personable. She enjoys her treats afterwards. I love that they have a program for young kids to learn about saving and how far it will take them in life. Thank you, NOFFCU

-Tamara M.

NOFFCU ON-LINE BANKING Fast, Convenient, and my favorite, FREE. I love it. Thanks so much.

-John N.

I have been a member since 1968, when my husband first joined the NOFD. At that time we used the New Orleans office for our banking needs. My youngest son also joined the NOFD and is now a District Chief. Throughout these 40+ years you have consistently kept pace with technology, now offering perks such as the telephone hotline, electronic banking, automatic bill paying, and others. All of these have simplified my life! Whenever I've needed special services such as wiring money to a foreign country your staff has been prompt, knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Thank you for excellent service over the years!

-Beatrice D.

As a member since 1968 the NOFFCU has always been there when I needed it. I remember when it was a one room office. It started small but the service was big as it is now. Happy Anniversary!

-Charles R.

I am a loyal customer of NOFFCU because of their personal service and competitive rates. NOFFCU believes in commitment and service to the community.

- Elizabeth M.

I love, love, love the NOFFCU. I do all my banking online. I like the convenience of never going to the bank. My family has direct deposit on all our incoming payrolls and automatically pay our loans (which are all through the credit union). We also use bill pay to pay our bills. Everything is automatic and worry free. If I have any problems I just call and someone with member services is always ready to assist me. Thanks NOFFCU!

- JoAnn L.

I've been a member of NOFFCU for so long, I can't even remember when I joined. I love the convenience and the friendly employees. I simply love the new and improved "bill pay", and the fact that you can do reports to show what you have paid from month to month on any particular payee. As full retirement nears, I feel more confident because I bank with NOFFCU.

- Lynn D.

We don't think of the NOFFCU as a bank or a business....rather family and friends. For nearly 20 years we have been members of this fine institution, and in every aspect they rate superb. For any of our financial needs or guidance, the NOFFCU has been there. We could not imagine a better place to deposit our checks, establish our loans, or otherwise perform our banking. Simply the BEST!

- Shannon and Rene' E.

I recently joined NOFFCU & the ladies in the Lockport office instantly made me feel at home. I felt like I was the largest depositor that NOFFCU had. I am looking forward to a long relationship with the credit union.

- Robert P.

“My experience is simple - Banks know you by your social security or account number. NOFFCU knows me by my NAME.”

- Sheryll H.

“I am confident with NOFFCU in this uncertain economy. I know that this establishment has stood the test of time and the officers are people worthy of our trust. My husband and I have enjoyed a lifelong relationship with this credit union, and we are comfortable here.”

- Denise H.

“With the economy of today, I feel safe and secure knowing that I bank with NOFFCU. I don�t have to worry about any of my accounts closing. I also have the most efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous bank officers and tellers that I have the pleasure of working with. That�s what I feel about NOFFCU.”

- Yolanda N.

“I feel very comfortable knowing I bank with NOFFCU”

-Joan S. A.

“I can't believe it - we just purchased our first home. We are getting married soon, and were afraid that in this financial climate no one would want to loan us money. NOFFCU was there for us when no one else was. They assisted us every step of the way - advising us about different financing options, talking to the real estate agent, even coming to see the house! We would still be renters without them.”

-Ron C. and Erin S.


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